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Highbaylowbay.com is owned and operated by Cors Lighting. We are one of the largest suppliers of industrial and commercial lighting products on the internet. We specialize in high bay and low bay metal halide lights.  And best of all, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all our all low bay and high bay lights.  Choose from a variety of our high bay and low bay lighting styles to suit your application needs and simply give us a call if you need help with warehouse layout or any other type of lighting layout. 

High bay and low bay lights are an excellent form of energy efficient lighting because you are able to light a large area with such few lights. Thus, the maintenance cost of using a high bay metal halide light fixture is significantly less than other types of lighting because you only maintain one bulb and one ballast.

Are you unsure about how many high bay lights you need in your building? Try our high bay lighting calculator to determine exactly how many lights you will need. And also visit our informational page to determine the approximate cost to operate a high bay metal halide light fixture.

Along with high bay and low bay metal halide light fixtures, find a large selection of high bay and low bay lighting accessories to aide in the installation and mounting. Call our high bay lighting specialists now if you need help deciding on the number of high bay lights for your building.  Or order online and take advantage of our free shipping on low bay and high bay lights.


Even though we had to place relatively small orders over a period of time, Cors Lighting offered the same kind of First Class customer service as if we were ordering 1000 units!"

  - Dan in Carlisle, PA
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